IKEA storefront in Vancouver, Canada • In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, 100% of proceeds from print sales for this photo will go towards the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and their Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Their relief efforts will help support the Ukrainian population impacted by Russian attacks. When I think of IKEA, I think of the act of (re)building, and assembly required–from activities associated with the furniture they produce. In knowing that IKEA is a Swedish-founded company, I read up on Sweden-Ukraine current relations and learned that: “Sweden will break its doctrine of not sending arms to countries engaged in an active conflict, as the country will send military aid, to directly support Ukraine.” When I see the iconic colour palette of the IKEA brand–blue and yellow–these colours remind me of the same ones that appear on the flag of Ukraine. I learned that the blue symbolizes a sense of calm, while the yellow symbolizes joy. At a time that is far from calm and joyful, I wanted this image to signify how, through the help of our neighbours and allies, together we can rebuild and reconstruct a brighter future–one Allen wrench at a time.
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